PrimeSense fesses up: it's the magic behind Microsoft's Project Natal

Up until now, we haven't actually been able to find out too much about the ins and outs of Project Natal. For all we knew, it's a technology designed in the back stall of a unicorn barn, and the final name will somehow involve diphthongs from both "lasers" and "Robot Apocalypse." All jesting aside, this really does mark the first bona fide announcement about the nuts and bolts behind Microsoft's forthcoming motion sensing add-on for its Xbox 360, and lo and behold, the revealing is being done by the same company we sat down with earlier this month at GDC. Quite a few of you assumed that PrimeSense's webcam was indeed Project Natal in camouflage when we posted up our original hands-on, and while we couldn't confirm or deny those suspicions at the time, we can today. So, what's this mean for you? It probably means that PrimeSense is actively looking to get its 3D-sensing technology (which has obviously been tweaked quite a bit by Microsoft, to its credit) into as many living room scenarios as possible, so what you're seeing in Natal might just appear elsewhere in the very near future. Did your imagination just run wild? No? Have a look back at our GDC experience and try again.

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Ground-Breaking Optical Sensing and Recognition Technologies to Aid Gesture Control Platform

REDMOND, WA and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (March 31, 2010) – Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq "MSFT") and PrimeSense™, the leader in 3D sensing and recognition technologies, announced today that PrimeSense will be providing its leading-edge 3D-sensing technology for use in "Project Natal" for Xbox 360.

"We've seen tremendous excitement and anticipation for the arrival of 'Project Natal' this holiday," said Ilan Spillinger, vice president of Xbox 360 hardware. "PrimeSense has delivered an important component to the technology, helping us deliver revolutionary controller-free entertainment experiences in the living room."

"PrimeSense's technology enables a paradigm shift in the way people interact with consumer electronic devices. The engagement with Xbox 360 establishes PrimeSense's position as a leading supplier of 3D-sensing technology," said Inon Beracha, chief executive officer, PrimeSense. "We are especially honored to have a partner like Microsoft who shares our vision for bringing innovative and engaging natural experiences to consumers."

"Xbox 360 Hardware Engineering teams developed the 'Project Natal' sensor based on the ™ reference design to support the special requirements of 'Project Natal,'" said Aviad Maizels, president and founder, PrimeSense.

Microsoft recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that "Project Natal" will be available during holiday 2010.

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