The JooJoo is here... seriously (updated with video)

Of all days for this thing to arrive... it had to be today. Yes folks, as you can see in our gallery below, the JooJoo is not only real, but we've got one. We're not going to go into details right now, as we've got our hands kind of full this week, but we suggest you hang tight until our review hits (probably early next week) so you can make the final decision if it's going to be this thing or, you know, some other tablet. Or maybe you just want to keep that $500. Hey, it's your call, pal. For now, check out our unboxing, and at least breathe a sigh of relief that if you did shell out for one of these, it's likely going to hit your doorstep pretty darn soon.

Hey folks, we've got a video encoding right now which runs through some of the UI of the device. We hear you in comments, and would like to let you know that there's no conspiracy here -- it's a question of spending time with a device to review it properly. Unless you know what our schedule is like, we'd appreciate everyone chilling out on the episodes in comments. We're happy to shut them off on this post if you can't control yourselves.

Update 2: Comments are off, video is after the break. Thanks for being mature. Just kidding.