FCC reveals iPad internals; you still don't have one (update: iFixit has 3G pics!)

Wowsa, looks like those FCC folks really take their jobs seriously. With the iPad they didn't just bother to test out the radiation and maybe take a little peek for themselves under the covers, but instead disassembled the whole machine on camera. Unfortunately they took it upon themselves to cover over the specific chips, so we'll have to wait for one of those pro bono teardowns to get the full lay of the land, but it's still a unique look at the makeup of this thing. Check it out in the gallery below.

Update: The dudes and dudettes over at iFixit are analyzing the board and the components in uncensored fashion -- head on over if you considering yourself a "nerd."

Update 2: iFixit's now got photos of the iPad's 3G communications board as well, even though it'll be another month before the 3G version comes out! %Gallery-89636%