Tons of iPad app releases on the App Store now

Embargoes on every app in the iPad's app store broke this morning, and there's almost too many new iPad apps to write about. But worry not, dear readers -- we've sifted through the flood of press releases in the inbox this morning, and we're here to bring you the brightest and best iPad app news we've heard so far.

Lots (and we mean lots) more iPad app releases after the break. What a launch lineup this thing has!

  • iDisplay ($4.99) pairs with a set of software on your Mac to add a little space to your desktop.

  • TUAW favorite Hangman RSS has come to the iPad in the form of the $3.99 Hangman RSS HD.

  • HandPaint is a free app that makes finger painting easy.

  • DJDeckX allows you to spin your tunes for $9.99.

  • Papers brings your entire research literature database right on to your iPad -- the app is now a universal binary for iPhone and iPad.

  • Flipside5 has two apps out, Touch Tanks Online and Touch Hockey Extreme.

  • Coffee Table Cocktails brings the ubiquitous mobile bartender's guide to the iPad. Someone had to do it, right?

  • Citrix' GoToMeeting app allows you to hook up to their meeting system from wherever you are, so you can see presentation materials and documents while remotely meeting.

  • Illusion Labs has released Labyrinth 2 HD for $7.99. This will be an interesting one to try out on the bigger screen. TouchGrind HD is also out, but it looks almost the same as the iPhone version.

  • NPR has both released a free app and optimized their website for use by the iPad.

  • Bodycal2 is a $2.99 health and fitness tracker for Apple's new tablet.

  • Warships: Sea on Fire HD brings a little maritime strategy to the iPad for $2.99.

  • PrintCentral has gone universal binary -- it allows you to control all of your printing straight from the iPad.

  • Aphonium for the iPad is a "unique synthesis of musical and visual art" for $6.99.

  • Oh right, the iPad has wallpapers. Granimator allows you to create some fun, sound-based wallpapers and share them as you like.

  • StickIt for iPad brings sticky notes to the platform.

  • Wings is a WWII fighter plane game that's now a universal binary for $2.99.

WHEW! Lots more app news to come in the days ahead, but that's a quick rundown of all we've seen in the inbox so far today.