Apple iPad charging woes: USB hubs, non-Macs and weak ports not rejuvenating

Heads-up, iPad owners (or to-be owners, as it were) -- the same devices you currently use to juice up your iPod touch or iPhone may not work on your fancy new tablet. Consumer Reports, TUAW and our own Chris Ziegler have confirmed that their powered USB hubs wouldn't charge the iPad, and we're even seeing reports that some Wintel rigs won't either. The only sure bets right now are Apple computers and your nearby AC outlet, leaving iPad owners with fewer options when it comes to topping off that battery when away from your abode. We're pretty certain this all boils down to the iPad requiring more power than most powered USB ports are designed to give, but it's still something to keep in mind. So, any of you early adopters finding that your own powered USB hub or non-Mac does rejuvenate the iPad? Let us know in comments below.

Update: Macworld has a nice explaination of the whole situation. Looks like tablets just require more power to charge than smartphones -- who woulda thunk it?

Update 2: And now Apple has come right out with a support article -- head on over to see what it recommends.