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HP Slate reappears for 30 seconds, shows off camera, custom interface... and iTunes

We just had a feeling that HP wasn't going to be able to keep quiet about the Slate while the iPad hogged the limelight this weekend, and like clockwork it's released another rendered teaser video of its Windows 7-based tablet. Unfortunately, the clip reveals nothing about pricing or availability (though we have heard rumors of June), but there are some exciting quick demos of the Slate's cam and video conferencing skills. Take that, iPad! We actually happen to be most interested in the brief glimpse you get at the touch UI -- the icon-based interface looks similar to past TouchSmart software and seems to hide Windows 7 quite well, but it's so obviously mocked up we can't get a real sense of how it'll work. It looks like you will be able to hook it up to a HDTV with some sort of dock and expand the storage space through an SD card slot, all of which makes sense given that it's running Windows. Unfortunately, that's really all you get, but see it all for yourself in the 30 second video after the break.

P.S.- Interestingly, the USB cable shown looks like it's from Apple, and it's being plugged into a Slate running iTunes, presumably to demonstrate that it can sync with iPod and iPhones. But now we're obviously just wondering what would happen if you synced an iPad with the Slate -- explosion? Confusion? Confusion explosion? We'll find out soon enough.