PS3 firmware 3.21 locking out more than just other operating systems?

Sony already irked a few people by removing the "install other OS" with its PS3 firmware 3.21 update, and it looks like it may have also inadvertently drawn the ire of quite a few other users. Judging from reports on the official PlayStation forums, a sizable number of PS3 users have run into an array of different problems after installing the update, which range from folks not being able to log into PSN or load a disc after the update, to users not being able to turn on their PS3 at all -- some have even reported freezing during the update process. Of course, there's also lots of users that have updated without any issues whatsoever, and the problems don't seem to have yet drawn an official response from Sony. Let us know how things worked out for you in the comments below.

[Thanks, MeowMix]