Xbox 360 update brings long-awaited USB storage support, SanDisk ready to cash in

Finally, the day has come. At some magical point in time during today, all you Xbox 360 owners will be prompted to update to the latest firmware for your beloved console. Once the tidy little exchange of data with Microsoft's servers has been completed, you'll at long last be able to plug USB memory sticks in and exploit a bit of functionality that frankly should've been there from the start. So that's it, all your game saves, profiles and other 360-related trinkets can finally be taken on the move without resorting to lugging a HDD around. In the mean time, SanDisk's previously rumored Xbox 360-branded $40 8GB flash drive is looking all the more real, with Amazon now offering pre-orders at a slightly less crazy $35 price point. You know, in case the millions of USB storage options out there aren't doing it for you.