Aika service restricted with some unintended consequences

When Aika opened its item shop, a comparison or two to Allods Online was inevitable. After all, with gPotato managing both games, there were a few people that wondered if the same pricing issues might show up. Turns out that the cash shop has still caused problems... but it's not the prices, it's the fact that the game is only supposed to be operating in North America at the moment.

A statement was posted earlier today that the game would be blocking IPs from outside of North America, as gPotato only had the rights to operate the game for that region. The problem is the number of international players who had been playing the game and had purchased items from the cash shop. As a result of the block, these players are obviously left out in the cold with no way to access Aika... and no real recourse for the items that they had already purchased from the item shop.

We contacted the company for clarification once we heard about the situation. Associate Marketing Manager Tara Einis replied with the following statement:

"We are acutely aware of the situation our committed Aika players are currently facing. We regret this situation and apologize for any difficulty our players are facing as a consequence of the new restrictions. We realize that this decision affects a great deal of our player base and comes as quite a shock. We will be doing everything we can to take care of our players and work towards a fair resolution. We encourage players to continue to check the Aika news page and forums for updates on this issue."

We'll have more for you regarding this issue as it develops.

[ Thanks to both Kassandra and Ghigo for the tip! ]