Orange Music puts PC into guitar amp -- ours is not to reason why

Ross Miller
R. Miller|04.07.10

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Orange Music puts PC into guitar amp -- ours is not to reason why
Now this is an interesting one. Classic British amp maker Orange Music had a bit of a surprise behind its booth at the 2010 Musikmesse show. The O PC is, well, a guitar amp and a PC rolled into one convenient package. We didn't catch the processor, but there will be an option to use either the NVIDIA GeForce 9300 or ramp up to the 512MB ATI Radeon 5670. Standard fare is there, USB ports and WiFi, but no clue as to processor / memory. On the aural side of things, there's a stereo option for plugging in an extension speaker, a 1/4-inch guitar jack, basic EQ knobs, and yet-to-be-finalized modeling software -- nothing trial, everything full version, assures the Orange rep. Once that's sorted, the estimated ship time is two to four months, with price unmentioned. Video presentation after the break.

[Thanks, Hessel]

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