Our live coverage of Apple's iPhone OS 4 event starts April 8th, 10AM PT, 1PM ET!

We don't know what the future holds for the iPhone OS. Will we see multitasking? Will there be widgets? Will Apple forgo the whole idea of icons in exchange for constantly mutating digital lifeforms? Luckily, we're less than 24 hours from finding the answer to those questions (and hopefully many more). We'll be bringing you live, up-to-the-minute coverage of Apple's event starting tomorrow morning, delivering each astounding factoid with the speed and precision that only Engadget can provide. Tune in at the times (and URL below), and be prepared for more magical revolutions.

Here's where the liveblog will be, and the start times (by timezone) are below. See you then!

07:00AM - Hawaii
10:00AM - Pacific
11:00AM - Mountain
12:00PM - Central
01:00PM - Eastern
06:00PM - London
07:00PM - Paris
09:00PM - Moscow