Samsung NX10 reviewed: a worthy alternative to Micro Four Thirds

We doubt you need too much reminding about Samsung's "hybrid DSLR" shooter -- it's not every day you hear of a 14.6 megapixel APS-C sensor strapped inside a mirrorless body. Aiming to best Olympus and Panasonic at the game of tempting compact camera users up in price class and SLR image quality obsessives down in weight category, the NX10 is certainly an ambitious project. But does it succeed? According to dpreview, the control layout, user interface, ergonomics, and (crucially) image quality were all praiseworthy, though the sensor exhibited more noise than they would have liked and higher ISO images lost detail due to noise-reducing algorithms. Photography Blog agreed that this camera is "an excellent first entry" into a developing market, and could only point out the proprietary NX lens mounting system and slightly bulkier dimensions than on Micro Four Thirds shooters as significant disadvantages. Check out the full reviews for some truly exhaustive analysis.