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ASUS EeeKeyboard finally shipping at the end of April

ASUS EeeKeyboard finally shipping at the end of April
Joanna Stern
Joanna Stern|April 9, 2010 2:59 PM
We'll give you a few seconds to re-read that headline and recover from the initial shock, but yes, after almost a year of delays the EeeKeyboard is in fact ready for prime time -- ASUS confirmed that the Atom-based HTPC keyboard will go on sale in the US in three weeks. We don't have firm details on pricing, but we're assuming the battery-powered PC with an integrated five-inch touchscreen, HDMI-out, and UWB will range somewhere between $500 to $600. We should know more soon as well as have a real-life review unit, but we're curious, will you actually be putting some Eee in your living room? Oh and there's a new EeeKeyboard promo video after the break in case you've missed our numerous hands-on vids.
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