How would you change Olympus' E-PL1?

It's half retro, half compact, and chock full of adventure. It's Olympus' PEN E-PL1, and it's the first Micro Four Thirds camera from the company to boast an MSRP that you aren't terrified to tell your friends about. We've spent some quality time with one here over the past month or so, and aside from a few minor quirks, we were fairly pleased with the overall package. But let's be frank -- that's absolutely not why you're here. You're here to tell us how you'd change things if given the chance, and how you'd differentiate the E-PL1 from all those wannabes that seem to crop up every other month. Bump the megapixels? Improve the ISO performance? Offer it in neon green? The sky's the limit, and comments are the place to dream.