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Microsoft Pink device spotted in the wild, likely 'Turtle'

There's not much too this -- and we'd like to apologize on behalf of the uploader for the choice of music and transitions -- but it looks like someone has managed to score a shot of a Pink device tethered up to a lappie in a coffee shop. From what we've seen leaked in the past, we're figuring this is the smaller model known as "Turtle" internally with a portrait QWERTY slide; it's a funny-looking little beast, isn't it? We don't have much to go on other than this single shot, sadly -- so unless we get some more juicy leakage ahead of Monday, we'll need to wait it out through the weekend to figure out what this is all about. Follow the break for the brief video (and we might recommend a quick press of your mute button before playing).

[Thanks, greenrolaids]