Stick It for iPad: Beautiful "To-Do" notes application

There's not a lot of apps that make me sit up, take notice and go "yes!" Stick It for iPad is one of those apps. Introduced to me by Mark Peterson, a developer who hangs out in the same #iphonedev channel that I do on freenode, his app ticks a lot of the boxes that I have been looking for for free form note making.

Stick It combines sticky notes with a cork board metaphor. You can create new notes, edit their text (and adjust their color, fonts, and so forth), and paste them onto one of five separate boards. This allows you to work with an "immediate" to-do board, a "grocery shopping" board, and so forth. You organize and name these boards, however you wish.

Peterson has provided a wide range of note choices. You can use standard Sticky shapes, paper attached by "tape", talk bubbles, Rolodex pages, and more. It's visually stunning, with a lot of creative options that should suit anyone's taste. There's even a datebook calendar option, as you can see in thescreen shot.

One of the features I absolutely adored was the option to convert a layout into a lockscreen photo. That's simply brilliant, letting you update that screen to match your current to do list. You can even preview how the lockscreen will look, so you can adjust your notes for best visibility. Other options allow you to e-mail a picture of your to do's or save them to your camera roll.

In the end, Stick It is smart, it's simple, and it's versatile. And for just $0.99, it's a bargain. This app rocks, and is well worth checking out.

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