ASUS Eee PC T101MT now shipping to the form factor indecisive

Still thinking long and hard about some of those iPad alternatives? Well, ASUS' 10-inch Eee PC T101MT is undoubtedly for those that can't make the call on netbook vs. tablet, and like clockwork the Atom N450-powered netvertible is creeping up on stateside order pages in search of $500 of your hard earned cash. Unfortunately, for that price you'll only be getting single touch input since its Windows 7 Starter OS lacks multitouch support, but our guess is that slightly more expensive SKUs with Win 7 Premium will start popping up soon. We'd certainly urge you to wait on our full review, but if you're too eager to put your fingers all over that capacitive resistive screen and chiclet keyboard, reach for your wallet and hit one of those source links.