Hitachi 3.1-inch 3D IPS display is another Nintendo 3DS contender

Step aside Sharp, Hitachi has a parallax barrier 3D display all its own that likewise doesn't require special glasses to view. While not as bright (400nits vs. 500nits) or big as Sharp's 3.4-incher, Hitachi's contribution brings a 3.1-inch IPS panel to mobile 3D devices pushing the same 480 x 854 pixels and 1,000:1 reported contrast. While the image above won't make much sense outside of Japan, here's the gist: a series of vertical slits in the IPS LCD directs light to the right and left eyes to give the 3D effect -- no special glasses required. Remember, both Hitachi and Sharp have a long, and sometimes dubious, relationship with Nintendo so don't be surprised to see either (or both) announced as partners when Ninty unveils its 3DS handheld console at E3 in June.