Peace Walk into UNIQLO for new Metal Gear Solid shirts

You can wear an Axe deodorant logo shirt in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Now, thanks to retailer UNIQLO, you can wear a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker shirt in real life. Whether or not you wear Axe is your call. On April 26, UNIQLO will roll out a line of Peace Walker shirts featuring various logos and imagery from the series, Militaires Sans Frontieres patches, Yoji Shinkawa artwork ... and two suit-wearing gentlemen with cardboard boxes on their heads.

That last one is, appropriately, a multiplayer riff on one of the designs from UNIQLO's Metal Gear Solid 4 line. If you'd like to tell Hideo Kojima how clever that is, CVG reports that he and Shinkawa will be at the London "flagship" UNIQLO on June 19 signing autographs.