Apple teases Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (update)

Wait a second, can it be true? Is Apple really caving to the pressures of supporting a socket that's used by pretty much every home entertainment owner ever? In the Tech Specs section that went up with this morning's MacBook Pro refresh, there's a fourth video output listed: "HDMI output using Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (optional)." That's the first mention we've seen of such a cable from Apple itself; to date, users have had to rely on third-party solutions in order to get an HDMI connector from the Mini DisplayPort. Of course, we're guessing those alternatives sold at Monoprice will best Apple's in terms of price, but as of now, the company has yet to even reserve a product portal within its store. Let's just go ahead and call it: $29.99, shipping in May. Feel better?

[Thanks, Arnav]

Update: Ars Technica has it that Apple actually won't be making its own adapter; instead, these new machines will simply support audio pass-through with the aforesaid third-party dongles. Glad that's cleared up!