Intel adds Android to Moorestown compatibility list, wants to Atomize your smartphone

Alright, so this isn't the first time we've seen Android running on the x86 CPU architecture, but it's notable that Intel has ported the OS to run on its Atom CPUs with the specific aim of offering Android plus Atom smartphone combos. Such is the news that has emerged today at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, which means Intel loyalists will have a second option in the smartphone sphere, beyond the already known Moorestown-powered MeeGo handsets. It would seem that Chipzilla is taking the ARM threat to its home markets seriously, and is launching a counter-offensive in the mobile space. As to when that will happen, Intel's bigwigs are saying they're still "on track for introduction during the first half of this year," meaning we'll be seeing (or at least hearing about) the vanguard of its attack by the end of June.