MMFixed's Magic Mouse fix hands-on, literally

Apple haters, cherish the moment while you can. The Magic Mouse's odd ergonomics aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea -- including some of us at Engadget -- so we were more than a bit stoked when our silicone lump from MMFixed arrived in post today. Installation was straight-forward and mess-free thanks to the small suction pad underneath, and despite the fairly strong attachment, we were able to easily slide or rotate the soft cushion on the mouse for adjustments. We've had no problems with multitouch input thus far, and the old wristache-after-prolonged-usage seems to now be a thing of the past. So yeah -- it's safe to say that this squidgy fix was well worth the $10 investment (although it has gone up to $12 now, which is hardly the end of the world). You could say that it's rather silly to fix something that's supposedly magical, but we suppose even the best tricks could stand to be improved.%Gallery-90388%