Sony to release 'affordable' 35mm digital cinema camera to fend off RED and Panasonic

While RED ushered in the revolution, the camera wars are really just starting for the film industry, with Sony showing off at NAB today one of its upcoming 35mm (full frame) digital cinema cameras after ARRI hogged the spotlight last week. Sony's 35mm roadmap already had the industry atwitter, but news that the camera will be "affordable" is news indeed. Of course, affordable is a relative term: think in the $10k to $20k range, for a rough guess. What's great is that, with the addition of the Panasonic AF100 unveiled yesterday, it's clear that manufacturers are finally starting to glom onto this idea of taking these wonderful DSLR-style sensors and putting them into camcorder bodies. The 5D Mark II is great and all, but it was really just pointing to a bigger trend. The Sony camera is due to be released around this time next year, and you can check out a video of the unveil after the break.