Charlie Kindel on Windows Phone 7: some things will be missing at launch

In the weeks since Microsoft's MIX conference, the company has obviously done a little introspection and refined its message around Windows Phone 7 -- there's no greater example of that than the fact that they simplified the name at the public's urging. Microsoft's Charlie Kindel, who's been leading up developer evangelism for the platform, has gone on record a few times recently with some interesting tidbits around their post-launch strategy, including the very good news that they want to "do the right thing" with copy / paste -- not a meaty answer to the problem, obviously, but a heartening sign that they'll end up adding a clipboard into the mix at one point or another. Managed multitasking -- something similar to what Apple has announced in iPhone OS 4.0 -- also appears to be on the docket, though it's not something we can expect in the first volley later this year.

Speaking in more generic terms, Kindel says that the company is well aware that "some things are missing at the launch," choosing to concentrate instead on getting a limited set of functionality perfectly polished for version 1.0 -- a distinctly different philosophy than in versions past. Fortunately, both OTA and tethered updates will be possible, though it sounds like Microsoft will be using a mix of the two depending on the size and complexity of the update -- you can't pick your own poison, the way you can with BlackBerrys and Android devices today.

On a related note, we wanted to take this opportunity to spruce up our complete guide to Windows Phone 7, which you'll be able to use over the course of the year to stay abreast of the latest and greatest information we have about the platform as we get close to launch. Check it out here!