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Mobile DTV gains national mobile content service, broadcast group support

If there's one thing a fledgling technology needs, it's good marketing. That aside, the next most vital thing is industry support. Today, an even dozen broadcast groups have banded together in order to back the soon-to-launch Mobile DTV format (ATSC-M/H), with Belo, Cox, E.W. Scripps, Fox, Gannett, Hearst, ION, Media General, Meredith, NBC, Post-Newsweek and Raycom forming a joint venture to develop a "new national mobile content service." The service will utilize the broadcast spectrum already set aside in order to allow member companies to "provide content to mobile devices, including live and on-demand video, local and national news from print and electronic sources, as well as sports and entertainment programming." That's pretty big news for a tech that's been struggling to gain acceptance in America, and if all goes to plan, Washington, DCers will get a chance to indulge first when it goes live in the nation's capitol on May 3rd. A showcase on that date will demonstration a Mobile DTV-capable Samsung Moment and Dell Mini 10 (amongst others), though we're still having a tough time digging up firm pricing for any of those. Get ready, folks -- Pimp My Ride is about to get a huge second wind.