Orbicule releases Undercover 4

Orbicule has released Undercover 4 and thieves should be very afraid. Undercover is theft-recovery software for Mac OS X that's been around for the last four years. The software allows users to grab screen shots of the thief using their computer via the Mac's built-in iSight camera and will also send screen shots of your stolen Mac's desktop back to you so you can see what the thief is doing. Undercover also uses Skyhook Wireless technology to locate your stolen Mac within a range of 10-20 meters.

Undercover 4 adds the ability for users to remotely monitor a stolen Mac using the web application. You can use the new UndercoverCenter by yourself or in conjunction with your local police force if they are helping you track down your stolen laptop. The UndercoverCenter will allow you to receive a Google Earth file pinpointing the stolen Mac's locations. In addition, you can use UndercoverCenter to completely lock the lost or stolen Mac and set a custom message that is displayed on top of all other applications. Best of all, if the thief is using your Mac in a public location, Undercover allows you to tell your stolen Mac to start shouting "Help! Help! I'm a stolen Mac" via VoiceOver technology.

Undercover 4 costs $49 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above.