Apple looking to hire camera expert, iPad Camera Kit to support USB audio?

We know it's been hard to deal with the comparative lack of iPad rumors now that the thing has actually be released (in some places, at least), but we've got a bit of a treat today: not one but two camera-related iPad rumors. The first comes courtesy of an Apple job posting for a Performance QA Engineer for iPad media who, among other things, must rely on their "knowledge of digital camera technology (still and video) to develop and maintain testing frameworks for both capture and playback pipelines." While anything to result from that may have to wait until iPad 2.0, Apple software engineering manager William Stewart has dropped another interesting detail on an Apple mailing list concerning the soon-to-be-available Camera Connection Kit. Apparently, in addition to accommodating your digital camera, the USB adapter will also support class-compliant USB audio devices -- although that is yet to be confirmed by Apple itself. Of course, you'll also need some apps to take advantage of that, but Stewart seems to also imply the necessary functionality is at least already built into the OS, which would seem to make apps only a matter of time. We'll let you take the speculation from there.