Feel-goodroid: Nexus One is in the black, 60K Android devices activated per day

We'd heard a couple times that the Nexus One was selling at a mere trickle, but what we haven't heard is whether the phones that have sold are enough to generate a profit for Google -- and on its earnings call today, the company claimed for the first time that its superphone is indeed in the black. Speaking both of the Nexus One specifically and of the platform as a whole, the company said that "it is a profitable business for us... we are driving the business to be a profitable business," some of the strongest language we've heard that Google intends to fully convert Android from a hobby into an integral part of its financials going forward. On a related note, the company also boasted on the call that it's "seeing more than 60 thousand devices sold and activations daily," which -- by our rough math, anyhow -- would work out to close to 22 million Android activations annually, and they're now up to some 38,000 apps in the Market. Certainly seem like these guys have cemented their position as a mobile powerhouse, doesn't it?