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Leica V-Lux 20 gets leaked with (nearly) reasonable price tag

An M9 it ain't, but Leica's latest still might tickle the fancy of those who see value in paying for that cute red logo. If the image above and details linked down there in the source are to be believed, the V-Lux 20 will be launching in five short days, bringing with it a 3-inch rear LCD, 25mm to 300mm zoom range, integrated GPS and price of nearly €549 ($744). The tough news is that this thing is based around Panasonic's ZS-7, which can be had right now for under $400, so it's hard to say how much value you'll get in paying more for Leica's variant. If all goes well, it's rumored to be in stores by May 9th, sitting right alongside the ultra affordable leather case (€99) and extra battery (€69).

Update: Now even Leica is saying some "fresh" camera news is on the way. Boom.