Niveus shows how it can help cable and satellite providers get HD on your PC

It's just a tech preview, but our favorite high end Media Center maker, Niveus, is showing off Project Snowbird at NAB this week. Niveus hopes its PC client will help cable and satellite providers bring more premium HD content to the PC. This version was copying and streaming content from a Dish Network DVR and works with Sling's protocol, DLNA and DTCP-IP -- you remember it right, the CableLabs certified DRM for IP transport? Also baked in is Microsoft's PlayReady so envisioning playing the content on a Zune HD or in Media Center aren't too unfounded either. Dish Network was involved to show its commitment to working towards this type of solution in the home, but Niveus hopes to get all the providers on board and is anxious to fill in the PC client no matter what protocol the provider wants to use. We're told that these goals are inline with those of the IP Gateway we've been talking about, so it'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. But at this point there aren't any product announcements and so this might just be yet another tech preview that never makes it to our homes. More shots of what it might look like after the break.

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New technology provides secure interoperability between television set-top boxes and popular consumer digital media playback devices.

Las Vegas, NV – NAB Show – April 12-15 – Niveus Media, a leader in digital media software and hardware solutions, is excited to announce a technology preview of its new software platform designed for global television service providers, called Project Snowbird. This innovative new technology enables Cable & Satellite Operators to supply their customers with the ability to gain greater access to the television and movies they already pay for with their monthly subscription. Project Snowbird accomplishes this by facilitating the secure streaming and file transfer of protected television shows and movies from the set-top box to popular consumer electronics such as the PC, Mac and Mobile Devices which then become the ultimate companions to a consumer's television viewing experience.

As a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) member, Niveus has built upon DLNA Interoperability Guidelines along with Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) standards to protect the outflow of content from the television service provider's set-top box. Project Snowbird goes further to also transfer the protected content into a trusted security on the client end device, using technology such as Microsoft's PlayReady®.

Niveus will be demonstrating Project Snowbird at the NAB Show in the Intel booth, # N1323.

For more information on Project Snowbird including images, please visit and follow the link to our corresponding Project Snowbird Facebook page.