Sprint's iPad '4G case' features an Overdrive pocket, oodles of irony

Listen Sprint, we get it, you want the whole US drooling over an iDevice hitting the internet at 4G speeds. First you extolled the virtues of WiMAX in an ad featuring the iPhone, and now you're going so far as to give away a special "4G" iPad case for free with the purchase of an Overdrive from Best Buy -- and yes, to be sure, the tote features a special pouch for your new mobile hotspot. No word yet on if placing a 3G iPad in the case creates some singularity from which no nearby object can escape (or get reception, for that matter).

Update: Don't take the playful tone personally, we actually love the concept. More so, we just think Sprint is being funny here. We'll have some detailed test results of our time with Overdrive / iPad soon!

[Thanks, John]