Microsoft changes naughty 'sexting' Kin ad, camera to be used for clothed chests only

As a card-carrying member of the Upload Generation, your Kin is about a lot of things: chilling with your peeps and BFFs, taking pictures and video of all of life's most awesome moments, keeping tabs on your MySpace pals, and documenting the fascinating story of your nipples without a pesky American Apparel V-neck getting in the way. Or wait... maybe not? Microsoft has just pulled a Kin ad briefly featuring a young gentleman snapping shots of his PG-rated parts underneath his t-shirt in response to Consumer Reports' concerns that the move encourages "sexting" -- a growing problem amongst the world's technologically-savvy (and hormone-riddled) youth -- saying that it "takes the issue of sexting very seriously and it was never our intent to promote it in any way." It looks like Microsoft has kept the commercial around on the Kin site and just removed the offending portion -- it was only about a second long -- so hanging out in underground speakeasies with fake hipsters is still okay, apparently. Follow the break for the original, unedited video.