Acer set to launch AMD-based Aspire One 521 netbook?

Acer hasn't gotten official with this one just yet, but Macles has turned up some pictures of an as yet unannounced Acer Aspire One 521 netbook, and some purported details on it. The biggest of those is that the netbook apparently packs a 1.2GHz AMD V105 processor -- which would be a first for the Aspire One line -- along with some ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 graphics, and AMD's M880G chipset, among some other standard netbook fare. As you can see, it also sports a fairly eye-catching design, including a large, chrome-plated logo atop an nicely understated background on the lid, although things are decidedly closer to previous Aspire Ones once you pop it open. Unfortunately, the two big details not leaked are a price and release date -- here's hoping Acer can fill those in sooner rather than later.