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Dell Mini 5 gets FCC approval again, this time with T-Mobile flavoring

Whether it's branded the Mini 5, the Streak, the Streak 5, or something else entirely, we can say with certainty that Dell's going to be hitting the Android market hard in 2010 -- but we didn't realize it'd be hitting this hard. It looks like the company might be taking a tack similar to Google's with the Nexus One, because a second variant of product code M01M just garnered FCC approval -- this time featuring WCDMA Band IV in place of Bands II and V, which means it'll work on T-Mobile's airwaves instead of AT&T's. In lieu of a carrier deal, could Dell be looking to blow this out on as many carriers as it possibly can? We hope so -- as long as our wallets can stomach the unsubsidized hit.