Radio Shack nixing sales of Sprint's Pre and Pixi, but what does it mean?

So it looks like Barron's and The Wall Street Journal have talked to enough store clerks and Sprint reps today to confirm that Radio Shack is definitely dropping the original Palm Pre and Pixi from its in-store lineup. For what it's worth, Sprint says that "this is in line with Radio Shack's normal product planning process -- there is a designated amount of space in stores for handsets and they work to keep the line up of devices as current as possible," and we actually tend to believe that story since the phones (the Pre in particular) are getting awfully long in the tooth and we wouldn't blame the retailer for trying to cycle in some fresh stuff. The bigger question is whether the move indicates that Palm has some hot new gear for Sprint around the corner; if not, this gives Palm one less avenue for sales at a time when it needs all the help it can get, especially since you won't find these guys hawking Verizon's versions.

[Thanks, Brent]