C64 creators also bringing Amiga, Atari 2600 emulators to iPhone

I just posted at the end of last week about Manomio's decision to go free with its licensed C64 emulator for the iPhone, but today it let us know that there are even more plans in the works. Given the success in porting C64 games (with official licenses) over to the iPhone, Manomio is working on two more emulators right now, including the Atari 2600 emulator seen above (Frogger! Space Invaders!) and an Amiga 500 emulator as well.

Both apps are simply tech demos at the moment, and while Apple generally hasn't been very friendly to emulators on the iPhone, Manomio has put in its dues -- the company sorted out the emulator code in such a way that it's Apple-approved, and it's already worked with C64 license owners to make sure the games can be legally released on the iPhone, some free and some as in-app purchases. Of course, chasing down the Atari licenses might be a little tougher than the more obscure C64 titles, but if it's possible to get these old gaming gems on the iPhone, Manumio will probably pull it off. Stay tuned -- when you can play the original Frogger on your iPhone, we'll let you know.