HTC HD mini with North American 3G gets FCC approval?

So, hear us out: this isn't a slam dunk by any stretch of the imagination, but we've good reason to believe that we're looking at the FCC ID label of the HTC HD mini variant designed to support North American 3G bands. The most obvious reason is the fact that the label is screaming yellow -- a perfect match for the chartreuse internals of the device that HTC was excited to show off at its MWC introduction a couple months back. What's more, this approval comes a few weeks after approval of the Euro-spec PB92100 with a similarly-designed label, which would've been the right time frame for a phone that's due to ship across Europe any day now. Of course, the approval of this phone doesn't really say anything about carrier availability -- sure, it could ship on AT&T, but it could also come to Rogers, Bell, Telus, or be sold unlocked and unbranded, a tactic that HTC has occasionally employed stateside in the past. Regardless, though -- considering WinMo 6.5.3's rapidly-waning relevance, they'd better ship it on the double.