The Daily Grind: How much do you expect from people?

Intellectually, everyone in a given game understands that everyone plays at their own pace, spends their chosen amount of time studying the game, and so forth. Asking more than someone's willing to commit is just asking for failure, and it's just a game after all. But in practice, you find yourself playing Guild Wars and you can't help but start screaming for someone to stop attacking Glint because she's using Crystal Hibernation, you stop attacking then, everyone knows that! And in extreme cases, you might even kick the person from your party like a bad habit, because come on. That's basic knowledge.

Of course, there are the people who genuinely remember every single scaling skill value in Guild Wars and would be shocked that you don't instantly know that. We all expect different things amounts of knowledge from players in games, so how much do you expect from others? Do you expect people to know the strategies of a fight before they head into content? Do you expect to do some explaining? Or are you that mythical person that patiently explains everything about the game, even after wiping on the same boss repeatedly?