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Dell Streak to bump up to Android 2.1 in September, hopefully shipping sometime before that

So, plenty of Dell goodies to choose from right now, but if you're a die hard Dell-making-mobiles follower, you've probably been pining for the Streak (previously known as the Mini 5) for much longer than is strictly healthy. What news for you? Well, the mini tablet is apparently supposed to be getting Android 2.1 in September. Unfortunately, there's no update on that vague "summer" launch window we have for the actual device, so who knows how much time you'll actually get to suffer without 2.1 holding you and telling you everything's alright. Oh, and were you concerned for some reason that you wouldn't be able to kit this thing out with accessories galore? We're pretty sure the collection you'll find in the gallery will alleviate all fears. You could do worse than a $55 spare battery, and the standard accessories are even pretty legit. %Gallery-91370%