Envy 17 pops up on begging to be officially launched

HP's clearly been updating its website with new products over the past few days, but our guess is that the Envy 17 that was just added to the domain slipped through a bit early. We wish there were more details thrown up there, but unfortunately the spec and data sheet pages come up blank. One of our eagle-eyed editors did spot some fine print indicating that the laptop "may require" a separate DVD drive to upgrade Windows 7, so our guess is that the 17-incher -- like its Envy 13 and Envy 15 brethren -- lacks an integrated optical drive. We assume it shouldn't be all that long before HP officially comes clean about this multimedia system, but we're just hoping they plan on cramming some NVIDIA Optimus and Core i7 in there to sweeten the deal.

[Thanks, Ali]