VeriFone Payware Mobile iPhone now available in Apple retail outlets, your CC weeps

It's a little past January, but it's not like you've had too much trouble burning through your credit limit these past few months anyway, right? VeriFone -- that company responsible for the other iPhone credit card accessory -- has just announced that its slip-up case is now available in Apple retail stores. For those unaware, this card reader works on all iPhone 3G and 3GS handsets, and there's a built-in stylus for capturing signatures from those arguably shady street-corner transactions that you'll be engaging in. Best of all, the device and app are totally free assuming you agree to a 2-year service contract and a $49 "activation fee," but we'd caution you to read through the fine print under "merchant fees" before tossing away too much of that profit margin.

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VeriFone: PAYware Mobile
First complete credit card payment solution for the iPhone, providing on-the-go businesses with simple and secure transactions

* Sleek and durable card reader snaps onto iPhone 3G/3GS
* Card-swiping speeds transactions, eliminates errors, can save 30% in card fees
* Built-in stylus makes signature capture easy; receipts can be instantly emailed
* End-to-end encryption protects customer data and greatly reduces fraud and merchant liability
* iPhone app and gateway provides real-time reporting, payment consolidation and fast access to transaction history
* Builds on VeriFone's 30 years of payment security expertise

Available at:, PAYware Mobile app available for download at iTunes
Price: Free with 2-year gateway service agreement; $49 activation fee; additional merchant fees apply