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HP takes chisel in hand, mulls over Android and Linux slates

HP takes chisel in hand, mulls over Android and Linux slates
Sean Hollister
Sean Hollister|April 22, 2010 9:09 AM
Feelings about the leaked HP Slate notwithstanding, the company's already considering its tablet PC successors -- and if The New York Times' sources are right, they may be of Android and Linux varieties. Where the forthcoming HP Slate is, erm, slated to run Windows 7, The Grey Lady reported last week that a six-inch Android tablet was also on the way. Now, a prominent magazine editor reportedly tells the paper a Linux version may also be in development. For its part, HP isn't denying the claims. "I'm certain that we will be announcing new Slates in the future as they are a very interesting area for us," said media relations director Marlene Somsak, whose only added caveat was that HP isn't currently announcing an Android slate.
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