HP Slate leaks its way into the wild: 'meh'

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|04.19.10

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HP Slate leaks its way into the wild: 'meh'
We've only ever seen the HP Slate in extremely controlled demonstrations and cheesy videos until now, but it looks like the Windows 7 tablet just spent a little bit of time in the wild -- Conecti.ca's posted up a full hands-on and mini-review. Their conclusion? "The official verdict is meh." Yeah, ouch. Apparently the Slate's biggest strength is also its greatest weakness -- it's essentially a touchscreen netbook, and that means that while it can run everything including Flash, it can be "slow and annoying." Unfortunately there's not a lot of info on how well HP's TouchSmart Windows 7 skin works, so we'll wait till we play with one before we make a decision, but man -- we definitely weren't expecting this thing to look so chunky in the photos. No wonder the press pics and other demos are so carefully arranged -- it really does look like a chopped up netbook. At least the HDMI dock is somewhat sexy, we suppose. Couple more pics after the break.

[Thanks, WikiWarrior]

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