Sprint contest promises ten lucky jerks HTC EVO 4Gs before everyone else

You know what they say about Sprint Premier, the carrier's VIP program for loyal customers: membership has its privileges. Actually, that's the tagline for something completely unrelated, but we think it certainly applies here -- especially now that we've learned that Premier peeps have been invited to apply to win an EVO 4G before the superphone's general release. It's not as simple as dropping your name in a hat, though: you've got to tell Sprint in at least 150 words what you can do "really fast," presumably with the goal of making the judges laugh, cry, and generally love you. Ten winners will be notified on May 18 that they've been selected, at which point you'll get a phone, a year of free service, and a job as a blogger on an official Sprint site about your experiences with the handset through August 31 (hopefully using a contest management system that's compatible with Eclair's not-always-awesome browser). What's more, four of those ten will get "long summer weekend" trips to a Sprint 4G-enabled city; it's not Venice by any stretch, but hey, the EVO's the important thing here, right?

[Thanks, nickb]