Super PreKernel is the one-touch way to make your Pre or Pre Plus fly (video)

If you're a Pre or Pre Plus owner who has been watching longingly as we've covered the recent spread of overclocking hacks for the thing, but didn't quite feel up to wading through page after page of forum discussions to figure out just how to apply them, the process just got a easier. Like, a whole lot easier. Super PreKernel enables you to go to 550, 600, 720, and even 800MHz with just a single tap. And, when it's time to put on those fake glasses and play Clark Kent, you can drop back down to 500MHz just as easily. It's all thanks to a number of Palm-loving hackers who have put together a truly moving video demonstration of the whole process that's embedded below. We encourage you to enjoy it now, because the selection of copyrighted musical accompaniment for the clip will probably result in it surviving about as long as a bottle of Superman's chosen hair product.

Update: We got a note from caj2008 that an updated version has been released, this one fixing a few issues and offering better compatibility with OS 1.4.0, 1.4.1, and 1.4.2.