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AlessiTAB Android touchscreen for fancy European kitchens announced for fall

Alessi, the Italian firm responsible for bringing the high-minded designs of folks like Philippe Starck to the kitchens of yuppies the world o'er, has recently announced the AlessiTAB, an all-in-one touchscreen device sportin' WiFi, a digital TV tuner, base station, up to six hours battery life, and of course that world famous Android OS. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni (you know the guy), this is made by Promelit, a prominent Italian device manufacturer. Of course, we live like hobos, blogging from crowded bus stations and beer halls, but maybe you live in an actual house -- in Europe? In that case, keep an eye out: it should make the scene this September for about €300 ($400). Video after the break.