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Dragon's Lair wall graphics demand to be put up, up, up

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To some, their home is their castle. Now it can be a dragon's lair. LTL Prints – the Philadelphia company that introduced an eye-popping lineup of Jet Set Radio Future wall graphics back in December 2009 – is unveiling its latest cling-on art today, based on the classic 1983 arcade game Dragon's Lair by animator Don Bluth and designer Rick Dyer.

The graphics have been taken straight from the legendary laserdisc-based game, cleaned up and include the bumbling-yet-heroic Dirk the Daring, the hapless Princess Daphne and her captor, Singe the dragon. LTL Prints is offering the graphics starting at $14.95 for versions sized to fit laptop lids, all the way up to more expensive, 7-foot-tall prints. The look absolutely amazing -- we're just sad we can't order a 1:1 scales version of Singe. Then again, we'd need a really tall wall ...