Fujifilm's Finepix HD Player HDP-L1 puts 3D W1 footage onto your new 3D HDTV

Still monkeying around with that Finepix Real 3D W1 camera, somewhat confused about what exactly you bought it for? Take heart, bandwagon jumper -- the bridge you've been searching for has just been constructed. Fujifilm has recently introduced a new card reader / HD player for use with its year-old 3D point-and-shoot, and judging by the topic of conversation at this year's CES, it sure seems like the timing is far better this go 'round. Put simply, the HDP-L1 (¥4,000; $43) accepts both 2D and 3D content stored on SD / SDHC cards from your W1, and the HDMI output pipes that content directly onto your shiny new 3D HDTV for at-home enjoyment. We're told that it'll also work with that antediluvian 2D content as well, but let's be honest -- you didn't buy a 3D camera just to shoot in 2D, now did you? On second thought, don't answer that.