HTC decides against bidding for Palm, kills our buzz

Don't tell us we didn't try. In spite of all our pleading for HTC to acquire the troubled Palm, Inc. and produce a sparkling union of awesome, Reuters is this morning reporting that the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer has decided against the idea. According to an internal source, there "just weren't enough synergies to take the deal forward." Then again, this conclusion was reached after HTC reviewed Palm's numbers, so maybe that's just a nice way of saying that Palm's financials are worse than we might think. We're also told that now only Lenovo remains as a serious contender out of Asia, following the stalling of talks between Huawei and Rubinstein's crew. Such a deal would make plenty of sense given Lenovo's cash reserves and mobile aspirations, but it'd be nowhere near as exciting for our geeky imaginations.

[Thanks, ninellec]