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Corsair Flash Survivor GTR keeps up enduring tradition of rugged survivalism

Was the torture-tested Survivor GT flash drive just not extreme enough for you? Time to slap an extra letter on the end of the model name and take the plunge with the Flash Survivor GTR from Corsair. As far as we can tell, it retains all the salient features of its predecessor -- meaning a CNC-milled aircraft-grade aluminum shell that can withstand ridiculous amounts of punishment -- while tweaking the aesthetics a bit and adding water resistance down to a 200-meter (656-foot) depth. With transfer rates of 34MBps and 28MBps for reads and writes, respectively, it's no slouch either, though that's to be expected from what will surely be a pricey accessory for your superhero utility belt. 32GB and 64GB versions are expected to ship soon.